Saturday, December 22, 2007

Progress Report

We've received a lot of great submissions for our first issue, but there is still room for a few more. What we would like is a few 'longer' stories, in and around 5000 words. If your story is significantly longer than that, please query first.

In addition to this, we would be interested in a possible serial. If you have a work approximately of 30,000 words, please query us first with the subject (SERIAL QUERY). Do not, under any circumstances, send us the manuscript unless invited to do so (we will discard the email unread).

Also, we will be looking for two non-fiction articles of any length (preferably under 7000 words). Query first for that as well, and put the subject (NON FIC QUERY).

Remember, your fiction submissions MUST BE MUNDANE SF, no exceptions.


- D.N. Drake (editor)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Black Hole and Duotrope

This is a friendly reminder to all those submitting to The Courier. Please remember to submit our response times to BOTH major submission data pools - those being The Black Hole and Duotrope. Doing this helps not only us receive credit for our fast response time, but it also helps other writers when scouting out prospective fiction markets.


D.N. Drake (editor)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Non-Elitist Mundaners

Mundane SF has been a topic of heated debate ever since its inception. Why? I would venture to say that it's primarily due to the elitist attitudes of a small number of Mundaners - who also happen to be the most outspoken. We here at The Courier are not anti-everything-else. We enjoy a large variety of science fiction, as well as other forms of fiction and non-fiction. We do not believe Mundane SF is superior or inferior to any other forms of science fiction, and we do not believe it needs to be "tactically embraced" for the genres survival.

We DO believe, however, that the genre needs a breath of fresh air. Is Mundane SF the sole answer to this need? Absolutely not - but it is ONE answer. There are plenty of directions this genre can move in, and realism is one of them. I also believe that surrealism is another.

So to all you nay-sayers and elitists, we ask you to drop your defenses a bit and just enjoy the stories. I think we all forget sometimes that this is just entertainment.

D.N. Drake (Editor)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Call For Submissions

Our first issue will be released in late February 2008. Currently, we are looking to fill those pages primarily with short fiction. We are interested in non-fiction, but for this first issue the editorial staff will be filling in a lot of those needs with introductory articles. Please feel free, though, to submit Mundane SF stories up to 5000 words in length (our guidelines are posted below). If you have something really good that is longer than that, please query first.

Additional Notes: We DO NOT accept Fantasy, Horror, or anything involving the supernatural. This ezine ONLY accepts Mundane Science Fiction. If you are not familiar with what Mundane SF actually is, please take a look at it's Wikipedia article here.

Editorial Staff (D.N. Drake, Ian Drake, Daniel Barbuto)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Courier: Mission Statement & Guidelines

The Courier is a Mundane Sci-Fi ezine published quarterly. We enjoy realistic characters with realistic flaws in realistic world settings. We want writing of literary quality - a great concept that is thrown together haphazardly is of no interest to us.

Our favorite Sci-Fi writers are Anthony Burgess, Philip K. Dick, and Arthur C. Clarke - and our favorite Literary writers are Vladimir Nabokov, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, John Updike, and John Steinbeck. If you can envision the concepts of the first three mixed with the styles of the last four, then you know what our ideal story would be like.

If you have a story between 1 and 5000 words that fits our criteria, send it to: drake.dn (at) in .rtf format, and please include the word SUBMISSION in the subject line. Also, please include a brief cover letter in the body of the email (including a short-list of publication credits, if any). We will respond within two business days. We currently are paying 1/2 a cent (US) per word, and we hope to increase it to professional rates at some point.

Additionally, art work may be sent to subs (dot) courier (at) gmail (dot) com. We are interested in anything pertaining to Mundane SF, whether it be photography or artwork. We pay a flat fee of 25 dollars (US) for a cover size piece.

If you are interested in subscribing to The Courier (it's currently free, so this is the best time to subscribe), email me at: drake.dn (at), and include the word SUBSCRIPTION in the subject line. In the body of your email, please include your name and email address. Once the first issue is released, it will be emailed to you as a PDF file.

If you are a blogger, an editor, or just a Mundane Sci-Fi fan - link me to your site/blog/whatever. Spread the word.

D.N. Drake

Welcome to The Courier

Greetings. I am a Sci-Fi author and now an editor of an upstart Mundane Sci-Fi ezine called The Courier. I will be posting later on tonight with more details.