Sunday, December 9, 2007

Non-Elitist Mundaners

Mundane SF has been a topic of heated debate ever since its inception. Why? I would venture to say that it's primarily due to the elitist attitudes of a small number of Mundaners - who also happen to be the most outspoken. We here at The Courier are not anti-everything-else. We enjoy a large variety of science fiction, as well as other forms of fiction and non-fiction. We do not believe Mundane SF is superior or inferior to any other forms of science fiction, and we do not believe it needs to be "tactically embraced" for the genres survival.

We DO believe, however, that the genre needs a breath of fresh air. Is Mundane SF the sole answer to this need? Absolutely not - but it is ONE answer. There are plenty of directions this genre can move in, and realism is one of them. I also believe that surrealism is another.

So to all you nay-sayers and elitists, we ask you to drop your defenses a bit and just enjoy the stories. I think we all forget sometimes that this is just entertainment.

D.N. Drake (Editor)


goatchurch said...


Are you getting many contributions yet? I'd love to contribute something, but I think you need a bit more presence than the standard template blog. Then I'll put some links from the Mundane-SF blog. (I don't have the password to my blog so I can't make it pretty.)

D.N. Drake said...


Yeah, we are getting a lot of submissions. I'd be very interested to link up to your Mundane SF blog. What would you suggest to add to this site to make it more aesthetically pleasing?

- D.N. Drake (editor)

Hedge Labyrinth said...

I suggest you find an interesting template that goes well with your site and allows for the easy organizing of information. There's great, free templates all through the Internet. Are you any good with Internet and design? You might want to make your own template.