Saturday, December 22, 2007

Progress Report

We've received a lot of great submissions for our first issue, but there is still room for a few more. What we would like is a few 'longer' stories, in and around 5000 words. If your story is significantly longer than that, please query first.

In addition to this, we would be interested in a possible serial. If you have a work approximately of 30,000 words, please query us first with the subject (SERIAL QUERY). Do not, under any circumstances, send us the manuscript unless invited to do so (we will discard the email unread).

Also, we will be looking for two non-fiction articles of any length (preferably under 7000 words). Query first for that as well, and put the subject (NON FIC QUERY).

Remember, your fiction submissions MUST BE MUNDANE SF, no exceptions.


- D.N. Drake (editor)

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