Friday, April 4, 2008

Understandably Fed Up

Sorry everybody for the major delay. Putting out a PDF magazine is tougher than we originally thought. It is coming, don't worry. That being said, we are almost done with lay-out. I was pretty sick for a while (Feb-March) so that is another reason for the delay. All three of us have been working our butts off, so please be understanding.

Thanks again,
D.N. Drake


Anonymous said...

Can you at least give us a definitive release date?

Ghetto Photo Girl said...

Are you still looking for photographic submissions?

David said...

I can't give a definite release date because this is our first time producing a magazine. We've tried to give definite release dates in the past and haven't been able to live up to them. Rest assured that we are working hard at this, but remember that we also have day jobs.

Thank you for your patience.